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E-book and Video online AutoCAD Plant 3D 2020 (English narration).

Perfect for beginners in 3D piping with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018-2020 version after you have completed the exercises in this course. You will have the right understanding. In 3D Piping drawings including design ideas. And techniques in this course This will save you time on design work 3D Piping project.


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Course material AutoCAD Plant 3D 2020 English Edition.

This course is suitable for

  • Beginners to use this program
  • The person who designed Piping 3D
  • The person who designed Oil and Gas system
  • The person who designed the water treatment work
  • The person who designed the fire extinguishing system
  • The person who designed the depot system
  • People who want to be a Piping designer

Lesson content

Environment Settings.

Enable students to open the AutoCAD Plant 3D program, and then set up the basic program according to all chapters in Chapter 1 in order to display the results. And help your computer perform better. In case there are few resources.

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Create a project

The AutoCAD Plant 3D program must be prepared before the start of the process, which is quite different from the typical CAD program. The author explains how to be a topic list so that it can be done more easily.

Parametric model.

The highlight of Equipment in AutoCAD Plant 3D is parametric 3D modeling, allows Standard 3D Shape to be used to build devices faster. Including creating and managing the nozzle of equipment is easier. There will be creating Tank and Pump 3D to understand basic Parametric Equipment usage.

Basic 3D Pipe Routing.

In this chapter you will learn basic 3D Piping, how to start piping, how to put fittings, control the direction of the pipe. To be able to connect to each equipment point, then Generate Isometric Piping drawing.

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Pipe spec Editor

The piping spec is a document for controls of all piping component materials in the project terms that directly relate to the P&ID and also comply with the Piping 3D specifications as well with the text will be shown in Isogen’s piping 3D. That things to define in the Piping spec. The first part is the scope of the Piping component, the smallest pipe. To the largest size used in the project including various types of fitting, inside will specify the code and material of the pipe that will be used in the project including devices such as Valve, Bolt Nut, and Gasket. The second part is that the Branch table will have a very important part in AutoCAD Plant 3D. The program can be used in the AutoRoute is due to the Branch table. In the piping spec, the branch table will determine the header and branch of the pipe used in the project. That is the size of the pipe connecting the Header and Branch of the Pipe, what types of fitting can be used for this reason, the program can operate in the AutoRoute mode.

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Learn how to create structure members from the program to create a 3D Platform, including using 3D Grid Line to make the structure model easier.

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Fix pipe cut length

Content in the previous chapter, Learners have learn to create and adjustment of Equipment and structure that is install correctly in the specified Layout plant Determine the main directions for the pipeline of this lesson. In the lesson, students will learn the basics of 3D Pipe control, move part of 3D Pipe control method that have 3 positions. How to control Elevation Pipe and stretch 3D Pipe method to refer to objects in various points including initial configuration settings

Routing technique.

Piping techniques using Move Part command in order to refer to objects or buildings in the project. Technique will be to route a pipe by without any distance restrictions that will greatly reduce the design time and will be used in conjunction with the Change Pipe Elevation command to adjust the elevation of the pipe straight as needed.

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The Isos message.

Adding a special message to the pipeline that has been created. Including specifying insulation and adding insulation to the library, for the pipeline no.003 is very long and difficult to transport. That need to add methods to break the pipeline and specify the Field-weld point to welding at the site.

Isometric setting.

The basic settings of the Isometric template to display the values in the Isometric piping that are needed for basic operations.



The program AutoCAD Plant 3D can Generate 2D drawing or Section drawing from Piping 3D modeling and able to display refer tags form piping component including updates information in case of any changes both in the area of Piping 3D modeling and Tag.


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